Workshops Become Available

February 3, 2022

2:15 pm US Eastern Time
22:15 Moscow Time

Workshops facilitated by our conference presenters will be prerecorded and translated, so that workshop facilitators can demonstrate the full power of their art therapy interventions with volunteer participants.  These recorded workshops will become available to registered conference goers on Thursday, February 3rd, following the project opening welcome and networking events.  Workshops will remain available to registered attendees through the end of February.

Landscape of the Soul - Eco -Art Practice of Modeling a Safe Environment of Relationships 

Liliya Raisovna (RU), Art Therapist, Psychologist
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Art therapy as a Way to Reduce Emotional Stress

Natalia Nazarova (RU), Art Aherapist, Art Therapy Educator, Psychologist
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Psychotherapist Self-help Related to Experiencing Personal Grief during the Covid-19 Pandemic Using Art Therapy Techniques

Olga Levovskaya (RU), Art Therapist, Psychologist 
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What’s on Your Mind?

Patricia Isis (US), PhD, LMHC, ATR-BC
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Art Therapy in Pandemic Times: Grief Therapists Restore, Retell, and Reconstruct Meaning

Sharon Strouse (US), ATR-BC, LCPAT,
& Sarah Vollmann (US), ATR-BC, LICSW
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