Learning from COVID 19 Experiences
Virtual Exhibition Information

Welcome to the Learning from COVID 19 Experiences Project Virtual Exhibition Page. This exhibition is coordinated by Florida State University Art Therapy Program in collaboration with the National Association for the Development of Art Therapy Science and Practice “Art Therapy Association” of Russia. The Learning from COVID 19 Experiences exhibition will showcase 30 US and Russian art therapy professionals’ artwork and statements which reflect experiences and creative responses to the pandemic. While these professionals provided art therapy education or art therapy services during this challenging time, they also engaged in artmaking. Their artworks reflect upon pandemic losses, reduced social connectedness, altered home, teaching and therapy environments, but also reflect upon the joy of daily experiences, dreams for the future, and forged connections with nature. The paintings, sculptures, drawings, mixed media works, photography, textiles, and videos are a testimony to their resilient and creative spirits. We hope the exhibition will inspire you to explore and express your pandemic and recovery experiences through art as well.

As a “sneak preview,” we are excited to present a few artworks that will be featured in the exhibit. These artworks are by Russian art therapy specialists: Veronika Turgel and Victoria Borkovskaya and Victoria Beck and Sarah Vollmann, from the US.

Featured Artists


The online exhibition will officially open on February 3, 2022, in conjunction with the Learning from COVID 19 Experiences Conference. More information on exhibition access and opening events will be provided soon.


To see the full complete list of participating artists, click here