Victoria Borkovskaya (RU), art therapist, psychologist


One Day on Self-isolation, video

The presented work became a rethinking of the lockdown introduced in Moscow in period of the epidemic. This is a story and a trajectory of movement towards healing by creativity, accessible to everyone. With the ban on leaving home, moving freely, and making contact, many felt the need for tactile interaction. Multimedia sketching is a way of relating to reality in which there is no other living person. There are only objects and objects around, contacting with whom, if desired, you can find peace, open new facets of your I and survive loneliness. Hands act as a guide between the inner and outer world, through which there is a dialogue with surrounding objects and objects. Touch, manipulation of the object revives it, in response you can get a response in the form of an important. Messages: Take care of yourself and others, be gentle and compassionate.