Learning from COVID19 Experiences

The Learning from COVID 19 Experiences Project Team was excited to provide community-based exhibitions and events to support youth and family resilience in pandemic times. We invited community members to join us at Family Exhibition and Art Events in Samara and Volgograd Russia and in Tallahassee, Florida. Additionally, professionals were invited to related Master Classes in Volgograd and Samara in February and March. Please click on logos to see photographs and video of more community events.


The Professional Plus Practice group exhibited selected artworks from Russian and US artists featured in the Learning from COVID 19 Experiences Virtual Exhibition at their practice office location. Additionally, they provided several community events, such as a round table discussion on the topic "How does art help maintain health in an unhealthy situation?" and discussed issues related to the possibilities of art therapy in experiencing and maintaining mental stability in conditions of post-pandemic stress. Other events included a “mood building” art therapy workshop for university students, and supportive activities that included game and art experiences that supported channeling of pandemic related frustrations. 

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The Florida State University Art Education Department and the Art Therapy Program invited the public and the university community to an art exhibition featuring the artworks of US and Russian art therapy professionals Feb 14, 2022- March 11, 2022 in the William Johnston Gallery on the FSU Campus. The artworks and statements demonstrate how creative work and reflection can support resilience during pandemic times. Area families and FSU community members were invited to campus to view the works and engage in community art events held on Saturday, February 19, and Saturday, March 5th, from 11:00am -2:30pm. Using a variety of art media and guided support, attendees were invited to explore the people, places, and things that bring them comfort and joy during pandemic times. 

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In Volgograd, the Alla Steltsova Psychotherapy Center held the Learning from COVID 19 Experiences Conference Exhibit at the Park House Shopping Center in Volgograd from February 3rd through February 15th. It featured 30 American and Russian Art Therapists experiences and creative responses to the pandemic. Youth and family from the community were engaged in exhibition activities. Additionally, the center provided additional learning opportunities for professionals. It included Master Classes that demonstrated art methods utilized to support youth and families and the professionals themselves.

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